‘Ninja Squad’ Game Rules now on Dized

I’m pleased to announce the release of my very first rules creation project for the Dized game companion platform: Ninja Squad by Backspindle Games!

Main part of the work was to transform the printed version of the rulebook into digital content that is easy to look up, browse through and search for within the Dized app.

I also adapted graphics to go with the texts and created around 30 questions for the FAQ section that players may want to have answered during the course of a game.

It’s been a great experience. On top of that, the Dized crew is just great fun to work with 🙂

Further projects are coming up–so stay tuned!


Dized, the game companion app, provides interactive tutorials, searchable rules and FAQ that help players learn a game by having the app guide them through it. (https://dized.com)

Ninja Squad is a fast-paced game of sneaky moves & rooftop risks. First, the players work together as a team and make their way through the darkened city streets and into the Shogun’s Palace. Then, it’s every Ninja for themselves as each player wants to be the first to make it back into the Blue Forest to win the game. (https://www.backspindlegames.com/ninjasquad)